Foot Path Club

Please note this is the first Wednesday in September and not the usual second in the month.
As the nights will be drawing in, we want to have as much daylight as we can and we will
start at 6.30pm. We will set out from Fossend Bridge and do a circular walk of our footpaths
through Westleigh and around to Fenacre and return.

Everyone is welcome.

Below is our calendar for the year. The Sunday walks will begin at 2.00pm, the Wednesday ones at 7.00pm.

Please ring me on 01823 672907 to register your interest in joining the club.

We have been fortunate with the weather this year, for a change, and almost every walk has been conducted under clear skies.
Everyone who enjoys a walk in the countryside is welcome.

Our Horticultural Society



The annual Craft Show including photography, cookery, paintings, needlework and other handicrafts from adults and children took place at the B&W Community Hall on Saturday October 1st. The organizers were delighted that the number of entries was up on last year.

The Chairman’s Cup for the most points in the Cookery Section was retained by Joyce Norton with Joan Bodington winning Best in Section for her Victoria Sponge

Caroline Harding-Mutter gained Best in Section for her photograph of stained glass windows with Vic Anscomb taking the Storr Cup for the most points in the section.

The Williams Trophy for the most points for handicrafts went to Joan Bodington with the Best in Section award going to David Beard for his painting.

Angela Case won the Ann Walter Trophy for needlecraft and Christine Bostock was awarded best in Section for her knitting.

The knitting class produced a total of eleven tiny jackets for premature babies as well as a selection of woolly hats. These will be sent to the Premature Baby Unit at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Joshua Cooke won Best in Section in the Children’s classes.

Other winners included Glenis Beard, Christine Hammond, Harry Norton, Peter Walter, Sam Cooke, John Hammond, Mavis Sellick, Stella Anscomb, Barbara Williams and Roger Williams.  PJW

If you were one of the people who missed the Summer Show at the Community Hall on 31 July, you missed a treat. From beans to buttonholes via lettuce, leeks, lilies and lavender, the produce of the garden was set out for all to see.

The winner of the Vegetable Shield for the most points in the vegetable classes was awarded to Judy Downing who also won Best in Section for her collection of vegetables. The Congram Shield for most points in the Flowers and Pot plant section went to Glenis Beard with Judy Downing taking the Dorothy Burston Trophy for Best in Section with a spectacular lily. Mavis Sellick won the May and Jack Gold trophy for the most points in the Pot Plants classes.

In the Floral Art section Barbara Williams won Best in Section as well as the Ivan Herridge Trophy for the most points.

Other prizewinners included Christine Hammond, Peter Walter, Joyce Norton and Harry Norton.


The few daffodils which had survived until April 20th were roped in to be shown at the Society’s Spring Show. Entries were down but nevertheless the Hall looked very spring-like.

Anne and Travis Rowlands retained both the Storr Cup for the most points in the narcissi classes and the Crook Cup for the most points overall with Joyce Norton coming a close second. Mavis Sellick was awarded the Peter Day Cup for the best exhibit in the show for her hellebore blooms.

Other prizewinners included Elaine Bray, Christine Bostock, Glenis Beard, Peter Walter, Harry Norton, Joan Bodington and Barbara Williams.

The Summer Programme of garden visits is now under way (details available from M Sellick, 01823 672072), the Summer Show will be held on Saturday 30 July and the Winter Season begins with the AGM on Wednesday 21 September.